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Case 03

Client: None (made on own initiative)

Role: UX/UI Designer

This project was an individual assignment made on its own initiative as a result of the Star project.

For my personal Personal Challenge I started designing a mobile application for the infotainment system called Star for the client We Are Reasonable People .

The target group is road trippers between the ages of 20 and 30. For the application, I took into account the budget of the target group, so there is a car available for every budget, number of people and type of trip.

During the Design Challenge (Case 01) we linked the infotainment system to a fictitious car brand, called Atlas. However, I wanted to change this so that the choice regarding cars is increased and it is more attractive for multiple travelers. I wanted to create a solution that increases accessibility with regard to renting a car.

With the application it is possible to choose a car based on your wishes and preferences. The chosen car can then be set prior to your trip. For example, it is possible to manage the climate in the car, to plan and start a route remotely and to connect your favorite music streaming service so that you can play your music in the car. In addition, there are countless settings that you can adjust to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Research & Prepare

I used the mobile applications from BMW and Tesla to see what the functions are within the application. Both car manufacturers show that you can control the car remotely, this means that the car can be locked remotely, the status can be determined and find out where the car is.

In addition to these functions, there are several useful features, such as being able to set a route before getting into the car or warming up the car. That way you won't be sitting in a cold car when you have to go to work early in the morning.

Besides the design, there is not much difference in functionalities between these two applications. Therefore, I decided to end this research and continue researching usability within mobile applications.


I sketched my ideas on paper which I later formed into the first draft of the design.

Sketches of design requirements


The final result was a clickable prototype using Figma and the style guide of project Star.

Prototype overview

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