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Case 02

Client: WeTransfer

Role: UX/UI Designer

This project was a team assignment. All work listed below were performed by me and in combination with other team members.

The issue that has been given to us is, to create a new product/service that creative professional is supported. This one product/service must meet requirements that WeTransfer has prepared. Because it has to match the other services that WeTransfer now offers handles. It must also be relevant for a creative professional and match design guidelines with WeTransfer. From the client we have received a design question that reads: “What is the next opportunity for WeTransfer to support creatives in their work with customers through a creative productivity product?”

Discover & Define

During the first two phases we determined what the target group is for us and what kind of problem they experience to this day.

For my research I did research on the competitors and how they work with the help of a competitor analysis. It was important to determine whether the competitor has a solution to the problem and where opportunities lie for WeTransfer. I also researched revenue models in the form of subscriptions that are appointed by the competition.

After we applied several research methods as a team, I started making an Empathy map, in which I processed the information obtained in order to paint a clear picture of the target group and the problem.

My contibution

During the project I mainly focused on visual design, making prototypes and creating the style guide.


After our research and define phase I started working with the first sketches and paper prototypes, because of the paper prototypes we were able to quickly create an image of our concept for the user.

Presenting the paper prototypes


After the first sketches I quickly started working out wireframes digitally, which also functioned as the first digital prototype. By using grayscale, the focus was mainly on functionality and not so much on design.



The style guide we have created, including color, text and button styles, are based on the guidelines of WeTransfer's current corporate identity of the website and its products.

Color styles
Text styles Button styles


After a total of three iterations of designing, testing, processing feedback and functions, we delivered the final product as a high-fidelity prototype, in which we integrated the style guide and fully developed all functions.

Select logo

High-fidelity prototype

Want to learn more about this project? Feel free to send me a message.